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Mommy Monday: Casey Wolfe

Mommy Monday: Casey Wolfe

“Mom guilt, it’s like my arch nemesis. It’s constantly present, and never ceasing to exist! I had mom guilt before Fitz was even born, and still, to this day, it is present. I have just now learned how to ignore unnecessary guilt and let it…

Self Care Sunday

Self Care Sunday

20 Things To Give Yourself Permission for: 1.) Rest 2.) To laugh 3.) To play 4.) Make mistakes 5.) To say “no”  to demands on my time that are simply draining 6.) To say “yes” to what I want 7.) To fulfill my childhood/lifelong dreams…

Self Care Sunday’s

Self Care Sunday’s

Lately I’ve been seeing a lot more on Instagram and in the media in general of the advocating for women to engage in more self care. This not only makes me incredibly happy but it’s catching on and becoming a trend to hashtag #selfcaresaturday or #selfcaresunday!! I think that it is great that our culture is heading towards a landscape that encourages women to take better care of themselves!

In honor of the hashtag #SelfCareSunday I decided to do this post on some different ways of coping with anxiety, stress management, and self care inspiration! And I even have a FREE downloadable PDF at the bottom of this page with FIFTEEN different ways to effectively manage stress!! Are you excited yet???

Self Care has notoriously been kept at the bottom of our to do lists for way too long now! As women we often believe that we have to take care of everyone around us, or anyone who asks! And most of the time, we are doing this BEFORE we even take care of ourselves! WE HAVE GOT TO START PUTTING OURSELVES FIRST LADIES! Look at it like this….

If you have ever flown on a plane ANYWHERE you know the whole process they go through about safety and what to do if your oxygen mask falls down, or what do to if you need to use it. They say something along the lines of.. “If you have children with you, you MUST FIRST place your oxygen mask on first, BEFORE putting the mask on your child. Why? Well if you are trying to put your child’s mask on first, and in the process, you pass out, before you even get your child’s mask put on them. NOW WHAT?? Who will take care of your child? NOT YOU!

This is how we need to start looking at our own self care! If we don’t take care of ourselves and rest, relax, take care of our own needs first, we aren’t able to fully and completely take care of others. “You can’t drink from an empty cup.”

If you have a difficult time with putting yourself first, there could be underlying issues related to why you think that you don’t deserve, to have your needs met. There are many numbers of reasons of what could have lead you to feel this way but, it is something that you need to start to explore.

One of the best, and easiest ways to do this is by meditation. Meditation is defined as “a practice where an individual operates or trains the mind or induces a mode of consciousness, either to realize some benefit or for the mind to simply acknowledge its content without becoming identified with that content, or as an end in itself.”

There are various types of meditation, each with different goals, and benefits. The one I most often use is for relaxation.

Research has found that 90% of people with clinical levels of anxiety, experience significant reductions in anxiety when they meditate. According to Neuroscientists, meditation can actually reshape your brain as you continue to meditate, consistently, without your awareness (clearly). AND it helps with stress management by activating the REST & DIGEST part of our nervous system.

Lastly, in 163 DIFFERENT research studies, scientists found that mindfulness meditation has an overall “positive affect on stress and anxiety.”

With all of these Facts about Meditation in mind, I thought it would be helpful AND enjoyable to provide FREE LIVE mini meditation videos on Sunday’s at 5:30 CST in my Smart Lioness Pride Facebook group!! So I asked My good friend Laura Lee Stjernstrom who is the Owner/Founder of LL Yoga Online and she graciously accepted to provide these FREE mini meditation Lives every Sunday out of the goodness of her heart! (And her love of Yoga/meditation/helping people) 🙂

Laura Lee is THE BEST Yoga teacher/instructor I have ever had the pleasure of taking a class from! She is so knowledgable, non-judgmental, and honestly one of the kindest human beings I’ve ever come into contact with. When I learned that she would be providing Yoga Classes ONLINE, I jumped for joy and literally let out a “wooohooooo!!”

Every thing that you do in yoga is beneficial for your body in some way shape or form and Laura Lee is SO GOOD about explaining the benefits of each pose, what the pose does for your health, etc. If you are new to Yoga or exercise in general, YOU CANT go wrong with signing up for an online class with Laura Lee!!

To learn more about Laura Lee’s online yoga classes, you can click here.

And to tune into our Meditation Live today, click here! 

If you missed my Free Mini Series “Get Ya Stress in Check Girl!” on Facebook you can download the worksheets below. This is one of the MANY reasons we should be friends on Facebook!!

Get Yo Stress in Check1

Get Ya Stress In Check2

Get Ya Stress in Check 3

Get Ya Stress in Check 4

FINALLY! You can download your FREE PDF with 15 Stress Reducers FREEBIE

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto by Brene Brown

The Wholehearted Parenting Manifesto by Brene Brown

I have become addicted to Podcasts!! Oh my gosh! There are SO MANY different Podcasts topics and categories that you can find, its crazy! So while in my Podcast binge, I found Oprah’s SuperSoul Conversations. Ya’ll this Podcast is SO good!! She talks to different…

What are the Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship?

What are the Characteristics of a Healthy Relationship?

Do you question if your relationship is one that is healthy for you? Has your partner shown “red flags” while you have been together? We all deserve to be happy, fulfilled, and in healthy relationships. Are you not quite sure if your own relationship is…

Do I have a Toxic Partner?

Do I have a Toxic Partner?

Toxic Relationships, Am I In One?

Do you question if your significant other is good for you? Ever feel that you are in a relationship that is out of control? Find yourself making excuses for your significant other?

 Here are 4 signs your relationship is TOXIC!

1.) Short Lived Highs

Sometimes it feels like you’re on a roller coaster of emotion– excitement, intrigue, then insecurity & anxiety.

You live for the highs, but mostly you’re experiencing lows, but you keep all hope alive because of your glimmering expectations for what COULD happen.  Add in the unpredictability of intense emotions and it adds to what keeps a person stuck in this relationship.



2.) When you’re apart you feel anxious.

When you’re together its all consuming, intoxicating, and you desire nothing but that other person. But you feel crushing anxiety when every event is over. This in turn leaves YOU feeling insecure. You’re so invested in a person who never gives you definite dates or follows through with plans for the next date.

This all causes you to doubt yourself, in turn causing you to second guess every decision you try to make from your appearance, to your personality, to your behaviors. You of course question the status and secure-ness of your relationship. And we all know that being insecure with your relationship causes you to be jealous of every person your partner comes into contact with.

The important thing here, to acknowledge is that you are never truly at peace. Your never fully able to feel at ease and secure in your relationship and with your partner.

3) When you confront your partner, he/she flips it on you & makes it your fault.

Every now and then when you finally work up the courage to confront your toxic partner, they end up making you think you did something wrong and bring up everything you have done wrong. And by the end of it, you feel like you’ve actually done something wrong!! Your partner turning the situation around on you like this is their way of never taking responsibility for their actions and behaviors and how they affect you.


4.) You are Consumed with this relationship.

This person and this relationship is  all you can seem to think about. You do everything you can think of to attract your partner’s attention to you, from how you look, to what you wear, anything to keep your partner desiring you. If you aren’t with the toxic partner you are lonely and worry will you ever get what you need from them. You are filled with self doubt and have few other deep relationships because you are pushing people out of your life so as not to let them detect your toxic relationship. You might be scared that your friends and/or family will tell you to end the relationship so you avoid all contact and socializing with them.


If your relationship is toxic and you are in denial or trying to make excuses for you or your partner, it will only make your situation worse. Its impossible to grow and to become healthier in a toxic situation. Your ability for happiness and fulfillment and your ability to reach your full potential will never be a possibility until you can acknowledge your truth and start taking steps to change it.

Source: PsyPost.org

If this is you, and this sounds like your life, I’ve been there, this was my life. Let me help you take back control of your identity, and your ability to be happy again.

If you are in danger please find a safe place and call the Domestic Violence Hotline for help.

Click the “Join the Pride” tab at the top of the page and join my July Self Care Challenge for $14.99 or check out my Facebook page for other options with more custom and individualized plan. You have the resource to change right in front  of you, just make the choice to do it!


Self Care Tip #493

Self Care Tip #493

    Write in a journal daily! Even if it’s just a sentence or two a day! If you however find the concept of journaling weird or cheesy, change your perspective!! Journaling can be whatever in the world you want it to be! Personally, I…