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FREE 5 Day Series – BESTIES

FREE 5 Day Series – BESTIES

BESTIES – FREE 5 Day Series on Friendship I have a FREE 5 Day Series Going on Currently in my Free Facebook Group, The Smart Lioness Pride. The Series is called BESTIES & is covering How to Improve the Quality of  Your Friendships & How…

Do I have a Toxic Partner?

Do I have a Toxic Partner?

Toxic Relationships, Am I In One? Do you question if your significant other is good for you? Ever feel that you are in a relationship that is out of control? Find yourself making excuses for your significant other?  Here are 4 signs your relationship is…

Self Care Tip #493

Self Care Tip #493



journal.jpgWrite in a journal daily! Even if it’s just a sentence or two a day! If you however find the concept of journaling weird or cheesy, change your perspective!! Journaling can be whatever in the world you want it to be!

Personally, I try to write in my journal everyday, but I don’t always succeed at that, I would say I succeed at least 3 days of the week on average! But, hey! I’m trying!

Anyway, when I started writing in a journal again as an adult, I couldn’t get the, “Dear Diary” out of my head, even if I wasn’t writing the words, it still felt kind of childish. So I came up with a different way to write in my journal….

I write as if I’m writing a letter to God. And doing it this way has been beneficial to me in

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several different ways:

1) It strengthens my relationship with God — it makes it less formal, less pressure to           say the right thing and do the right thing. I can just talk to God like he is a friend, or           a Dad, ultimately it makes the relationship easier for me. Because let’s be honest, it’s         difficult to be in a relationship with someone you never see or hear.

2) I get out all of my worries and problems

3) I ask God to use me for his work — and if I’m writing consistently then I can more           clearly see where Godis using me

4) I can look back and see what prayers were answered & how they were answered.

5) All the junk that was cluttering up my brain is now out and on paper!

6) I never post to Facebook things that should have been written in my journal!!


Make your journal enjoyable for you to write it, whatever that means for you! It could be that you draw pictures in stead of writing, or that you write in your journal as a letter to yourself. Whatever is going to make the process, more beneficial for you, do it!

If writing isn’t really your thing try out an app for journaling. I’ve tested out a few and you can find them below!

Moment Diary

Grid Diary

Day One




Voice Diary

If you know of a different app that I haven’t listed that you really like and suggest others to use, leave me a comment! I love trying out new apps!!