4 Ways to Fight Negative Thinking

If you’re surrounded by toxic people or just negative Nancy’s, here are some tools for staying positive.

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There’s always going to be someone who doesn’t get you, who doesn’t see all of the value you hold. And that’s ok. You don’t need their words of validation because they do not power your worth.

The words you speak/think to yourself on the other hand.. they do power your worth. What are you fueling yourself with? Are you letting your inner critic take over? If so, here are some ways you can fight back!

▪️Spend time alone. You just need to! I don’t care what you do while you’re alone just do it! You need time to be with yourself without any other voices but your own. It’s important!

My alone time 🙂

▪️Gratitude— I will never get off my soapbox when it comes to gratitude!! The benefits are endless. I write down one thing I’m grateful for EVERYDAY! Sometimes it’s big, some times it’s teeny tiny, but it always shifts my attitude to a better place.

▪️Don’t take things personally. Always, always remember- everybody’s dealing with something but not everyone knows how to deal with their stuff in healthy ways.

▪️Find a healthy outlet. Whether it be reading, walking, boxing, or dance classes you need AT LEAST one healthy outlet that makes you happy and helps you escape the everyday routine.

It’s not easy to stay positive if you are in an environment where people are constantly putting you down. Even if you aren’t being “put down” having to spend a lot of time with people who are toxic to your positive mental health can be draining to say in the least.

You have to start taking better care of yourself though. If you don’t, at some point you will break. And nobody wants you to break.

To start getting help with negative self talk today, sign up for my mini course, “How to Get Rid of Your Bitchy Inner Critic” You should love yourself and you should tell yourself that every day!

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