A little Update..

A little Update..
me and my son on his first birthday
My son Braden turned 1!!! Geez they aint’ lying when they tell you it flies by!

I just wanted to give a little update on what’s been going on and what I have planned for the blog and with The Smart Lioness in general!

This past week my 12 week course Unapologetically Me: Fearless & Flawed finished up! I think it went well but I will be making some changes to it so stay tuned for more updates on what happens with that! Because it can only get BETTER!!

I also have several new, smaller courses I’ve been working on and a few of them are available now. If you’re interested in what I have available scroll to the bottom of this post and I will have them listed with details.

As for the blog, I’m going to be posting a monthly tv show recommendation/review. I just love tv shows and love talking about them and sharing with others what I find so this is mostly just for fun for me! And if I’m not having fun, what the hell am I doing here??

In the future I will be posting this on the first Tuesday of the month but will start that schedule in October!

I hope to be bringing you more Mommy Monday stories, so if you have a story you would like to have featured here on the blog let me know in the comments or send me your story to thesmartlioness@gmail.com

I also want to know what you want to see more of, so I’m providing you with stuff you actually want to see! Tell me in the comments, I love getting your feedback!

Otherwise, expect more info, tools, tips, and guides on self esteem, self confidence, inner critic, worthiness, and more!

Courses Currently Available:

Self Esteem Queen — 5 Steps to Higher Self Esteem — FREE!!

How to Get Rid of Your Bitchy Inner Critic — A 6 Step Guide to rid of your shitty self talk! You feel the way you think. Let’s make that a good thing and change the way you think!

Get Ya Stress in Check — Identify your triggers for stress, prioritize your sources of stress, & create new coping tools for dealing with your stress. Also includes 40 scientifically proven ways to deal with stress.

Know Your Why — What is Your ‘Why’ behind everything that you do?? When we know our ‘Why’ it empowers us to take action and makes the path that we need to take CLEAR!

Besties — How to choose healthy friends, set boundaries in your friendships, improve the quality of your friendships, & be a better friend to others.

High Quality Habits — How to create habits that are enjoyable and will last!

Dare to Roar — With this mini course, you can take a baby step forward into the process of refocusing on you. It will remind you of the basics. Challenge you to scratch beneath the surface and reawaken the lioness within.

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