Building Self Esteem is a Process..

Building Self Esteem is a Process..

Have you ever been told that you are too sensitive? Do you fall hard and fast into relationships only to eventually get hurt? Do you feel like you have so much love to give but no one ever appreciates it, or the just ends up taking advantage of you?

I can tell you I totally understand how you feel! My whole life I was told I was too sensitive and that I didn’t need to take things so personally. And I’ve been taken advantage of enough times to tell you, I played my part!

I didn’t value myself. I didn’t think I was worthy of friendships unless I proved myself somehow. I put my all into relationships without stopping to take care of and love MYSELF, and at times even think for myself.

I couldn’t see my own worth.

It took time, effort, and hard work but eventually I built my self esteem up, and was able to see my worth and that it didn’t come from other people or things.

For me, my worth comes from within me and my relationship with God. I am worthy because he made me and that’s all that I need. 

How do you measure your self worth?

According to an article on here are a few common, but unhealthy ways to measure your self worth.

  1. How You Look — Looks don’t last forever!! And what is beauty? Every single one of us has a different definition for beauty so why even bother? A number on the scale doesn’t define you, nor do the amount of likes you get on a selfie. 
  2. Material Possessions — Will you ever feel valuable enough? When will it be enough? What if you lose it? Things hold monetary value but they do not affect your self worth.
  3. Your Relationships — Feeling important and popular may feel good short term but in the long run these do not make you more worthy. Your romantic relationships will not make you valuable. You do not need anyone else to give you value or worth.
  4. What you do — Building your worth on the foundation of your career is risky, what happens if you lose your job, or when you retire? You do not have to have an “important” job title to be valuable.
  5. Your Successes— Your achievements and successes do not make you valuable and your mistakes do not make you a failure. It’s okay to be proud of a win but it’s a totally different thing to base your self esteem on it. 
Hillary Montijo The Smart Lioness
It was a long road to get to where I am today but I wouldn’t trade any of it, because I wouldn’t be where I am today without it!

Know yourself. Love Yourself. Be Yourself. That’s my motto. When you truly know yourself, you can truly love yourself. And when you truly love yourself, you can truly be yourself. 

5 Common & Unhealthy Ways to Measure your Self Worth
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