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Confidence Booster

Earlier this week I did a FREE 3 day confidence boosting activity in my good friend Saje’s Facebook Group hand in my stories on Instagram. It was a super simple, yet effective way of giving ourselves a little boost of confidence that sometimes, we could all use.

I know I have my times when I don’t feel 100% about myself for whatever reason.. or maybe for no reason at all! And need a little something to bring back my awareness to how I’m feeling about myself.

So I decided to share this booster here I’ve used in case you didn’t get to participate when it was happening elsewhere! I hope that it is as helpful for you as it is me!

And on a side note, if you look at the tasks and think, “this won’t work!” I get it! But what do you have to lose? You could at least just try it and see what happens! AND as with anything else that you want to produce change with, you have to be all in! YOU WILL ONLY GET OUT WHAT YOU PUT INTO! In other words, if you half ass it, you won’t get anything out of it. BUT, if you whole ass it, you just might get something out of it!

You have the power to make changes and to spark growth in yourself. I can give you all the tools in my tool bag but if you don’t use them, there’s nothing I or anyone else can do for you.

Take control and do something about your lack of happiness, self esteem, confidence, whatever it is that you are lacking. Im giving you a tool to take one teeny tiny step forward. TAKE IT!

Now let’s get on to the good stuff! Here are the tasks you will need to complete for 3 consecutive days!

day 1 confidence booster activity

If you do decide to try it out I would love to know your progress and how you do with each task! So with each day I’ll ask you a question or two and you can send me your answers on social media (Instagram, or Facebook, or Twitter) through email (, or just comment them below!

For the first task, write something positive about yourself on a post it or something similar. Then put it somewhere you will see it often throughout the day today. Read it every time you see it, reading it out loud is even better!!

Day 1: What was your statement about yourself?

day 2 confidence boost activity

For this task you can put your statement up at work somewhere it will be seen, or on your refrigerator at home (as long as other people will see it), anywhere other people are going to be able to see it!

Day 2: Where did you post it? Did you get any comments about it? What were the comments

day 3 confidence booster

This time you’re going to write a positive statement/message about someone else & then give it to them. It can be a friend, a spouse, boyfriend or girlfriend, coworker, parent, etc.

Day 3: What did you write? What was the person’s reaction?

Repeating things over and over creates new neural pathways in your brain, in other words, you start to embody and believe these statements you are repeating. In the same way a person can be emotionally abused and begin to believe the hurtful statements their abuser makes, we can also do the reverse.

And when we connect with and feel empathy for others it gives us a feeling of security and in turn, confidence in ourselves.

After your 3rd day of the Booster, how are you feeling? Did you have a good experience? How did it feel to give someone else a positive message? Was this difficult or easy for you to complete? Did this help your confidence?

Email me your experience:

Confidence is like a muscle. The more you use it, the stronger it gets.

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