13 Reason Why, You Should Watch, “13 Reasons Why”

13 Reasons You Should Watch “13 Reasons Why” WITH Your Kids

#13  It is one of the best stories I’ve seen In a very long time.

#12 The show covers almost every topic/issue that teens and their parents should be talking about.

#11 It shows examples of healthy vs unhealthy friendships

#10 It shows examples of healthy vs unhealthy romantic relationships

#9 It reminds you why, parents need to have open and honest conversations with their children about every topic possible, whether they are comfortable or not.

#8 The show gives parents the opportunity to have open, honest discussions about multiple topics that are extremely important for parents to talk about with their kids. (If your kids don’t get their information about sex from you, they WILL get it elsewhere and 50% of them will get it from the internet. Weigh the pros and cons of that one!)

#7 This show does have a lack of resources available to the students, so it is important that you and your child are familiar with the appropriate resources for suicide in your area.

*The best way to prevent suicide  is by having an open honest channel for conversation and discussion between you and your children. Your children should feel safe sharing anything with you.

#6 There is also a lack of communication between anyone and everyone, really. But, I believe that this is what was part of the problem. We aren’t communicating with each other! So it would be important to discuss with kids, the importance of a support system of friends and family members that are safe for them to talk to.

#5 Have an open discussion about anxiety/depression & mental illness. Does mental illness run in your family? If yes, then discuss that! These are things you need to talk about!!

#4 Have an open and honest discussion about safe and healthy relationships. Talk about spotting red flags in a partner. And what they should look for in a healthy relationship.

#3 There is also the need to have a conversation about peer pressure and what to do when faced with it. Come up with a plan with your kids for situations that they might be put in and what to do when it happens. Come up with a code word for situations where they might not be able to say anything.

#2 It is also important for you to watch the show before your kids watch it, so you can be prepared for what happens and when.

#1 Its a great way to deepen and strengthen your relationship with your kids! Don’t let your fears about the situation take that opportunity away from you!

**There is a some graphic images and situations that take place and children should be age appropriate- whatever you deem appropriate (you know your child best)


**I will say that if your child has a history of suicide ideation or attempts, you might reconsider watching this show, depending on your child and what you think would be best depending on your situation.**

If you or someone you know is suffering from depression and might be at risk, the National Crisis Hotline   is available by clicking here.

National Suicide Prevention Lifeline

And for teens there is, It Gets Better Project

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