Startling Teen Statistics on Birth Control Methods

I recently saw an article condoms.jpegthat reported some pretty alarming statistics that I thought I would share! Whether you are a parent or not, I think that this might be something that you would want to hear and if you don’t want to hear it you definitely NEED to hear it! And this is not at all to scare you, but to show you the facts and realities of teen sexuality in today’s world.

Teens are are going to have sex. This is just a reality that must be accepted. There are exceptions to this but exceptions are RARE.

A new study was published from the Center for Disease Control on teens and sex and it revealed that most teens are using birth control when engaging in sex, which is a great thing!  The study explained that 99.4% of sexually experienced teen girls used some form of contraception.

The scary part of this study was that the second most popular “method of contraception” was the “pull out method.” This method was second to the use of condoms, but 60% of adolescent girls reported having used this “method” of birth control.

We all know that this method is nearly impossible to use perfectly, especially for a someone just learning what sex is, what it feels like,and how to navigate their feelings And, according to the Guttmacher Institute, people that use this method have the highest rates of contraceptive failure, 20% ending in pregnancy within a year.

Some people defend this method to the death, but what it also doesn’t account for is STDs! The pull out method definitely doesn’t prevent anyone from getting an STD, so its incredibly important to teach teens to use condoms if & when they are going to be sexually active.


Sex is not always an easy subject to talk about with your kids but it MUST be done, because sometimes the alternative is a conversation where your child tells you they are pregnant, or got someone pregnant. If sex is a subject you have difficulty talking with your kids about, I’m giving some tips below. However, feel free to contact me for more tips! I would be glad to help you out!

  • Use age appropriate language
  • Answer questions about sex as soon as they start asking questions with age appropriate language
  • Teens report appreciating having knowledge about sex and about 50% say that if they don’t get that information from their parents or friends, they seek out info online (NOT WHERE YOU WANT YOUR CHILD TO LEARN ABOUT THE BIRDS AND THE BEES!!)
  • Keep an ongoing conversation about sex with your kids– for example, See a magazine in the checkout line at Walmart that’s a little sexy and your kids start asking questions- answer them openly and honestly while expressing your morals and values
  • Never shame or make a child feel guilty for being curious!


The following link gives you some good resources for talking to your kids about sex.

Guide for Age Appropriate Discussions about Sex

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